EMDR Consultation

Have you recently trained in EMDR therapy and want to deepen your confidence using EMDR?

Are you working with clients who have complex trauma and attachment issues and feel like you don’t know where to start? Do you worry EMDR will increase your clients’ dissociative states or addictive behaviors? Do you feel like you need more of a road map on how and when to intervene during processing?

If these are some of the clinical challenges you’re grappling with, consider studying with me, Carmen Pepicelli, LMHC. As a Consultant-in-Training (CIT) with Deany Laliotis, a renowned expert and leader in EMDR therapy worldwide, I will help you deepen your skills as an EMDR therapist who has the confidence to know when and how to modify the standard protocol.

Find out more abour my EMDR consultation groups here.

Carmen's Consultation Philosophy

Choosing a consultant with intention is critical for integrating EMDR into your practice. While basic training teaches you how to treat single-incident trauma and less complicated cases, it often isn’t enough to confidently treat clients with complex trauma or dissociation. How and with whom you choose to keep learning is critical to whether you adopt this powerful form of therapy whole-heartedly and facilitate lasting, transformative change for your clients, or abandon it in the year after initial training, as a large percentage of clinicians do.

As a consultant, I am hands-on, innovative, evidence-based and committed to clinical excellence. I offer cost-effective EMDR consultation groups that count towards EMDRIA EMDR certification and indivdual consultation. I serve as a guide and moderate group discussions rather than prescribing what to do.

I’m a life-long learner and have cultivated a strong foundation in teaching in my first career as a scientist and my years of offering psychotherapy groups.

My groups and practice are welcoming to clinicians who identify as BIPOC and/or LGBTQ.