Specialty Trainings

Sharpening the Tools

Ongoing education in the latest clinical innovations by qualified faculty is an important part of being an effective therapist. The following is a list of specialty trainings I completed:


    • Integrating the MID into EMDR clinical practice

    • EMDR in the treament of depression - the DeprEnd protocol

    • Ego state therapy interventions to prepare dissociative clients for EMDR

    • Using EMDR with fragmented clients - a protocol for overcoming self-alienation

    • The third wave - EMDR standard group protocol

    • EMDR therapy with eating disorders

    • EMDR therapy common errors and blunders

    • EMDRIA EMDR Consultant in Training

    • EMDRIA EMDR certification

    • EMDRIA level 1 and level 2 training in EMDREMDR therapy for borderline personality disorder and Understanding and treating narcissism with EMDR

    • The dance of attachment: the therapist’s use of self in EMDR therapy

    • EMDR integrative group treatment protocol (EMDR-IGTP) and EMDR protocol for recent critical incidents (EMDR-PRECI)

    • Healing the wounds of attachment and rebuilding self.

    • Dissociation of the personality and EMDR treatment of chronic traumatization

    • EMDRIA level 1 and level 2 training in EMDR

Clinical hypnosis:

    • Transforming traumatic memories with hypnosis and memory reconsolidation

    • Practical considerations in hypnosis vio telehealth

    • Mental skills training for peak performance

    • NESCH training: Annual advanced training: narrative hypnosis

    • NESCH training: Intermediate training in clinical hypnosis

    • NESCH training: Clinical hypnosis in the treatment of fibromyalgia

    • NESCH training: Basic training in clinical hypnosis

Other trainings:

    • The elephant in the room - systemic racism and psychotherapy

    • How EMDR has changed lives for clients and clinicians

    • Flash technique

    • Advanced Flash technique

    • Client access to their records

    • Sexual and domestic violence training

    • Healing the fragmented selves of trauma survivors

    • Legal and ethical issues with technology in mental health

    • Ethics and risk management in counseling

    • The pharmacy in your kitchen: an overview of medical and medicinal foods

    • Reflex integration assessment and integration, level 1 and 2, RMTi

    • TF-CBT (trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy) certification

    • Healing sleep and dreams

    • Social Stories training

    • EFT (emotional freedom technique) level 1 and 2 certification

    • Guided imagery meditation training

It Takes a Village

Therapists need input and guidance from seasoned colleagues who can provide feedback on clinical challenges, technical questions and ethical concerns.

While the confidentiality of my clients is always protected, it is important to seek such feedback.

I am receiving consultation on an ongoing basis from a senior members and instructors of EMDRIA, NESCH/ASCH and ISSTD. I am also part of several online peer consultation groups and listserves.